Natural Disaster Prevention Support for Foreign Residents

The Tohoku Earthquake, or the Great East Japan Earthquake has created the need for large-scale disaster prevention measures. In Mie Prefecture, the occurrence of large scale earthquakes in the Tokai, Tonankai and Nankai areas is a constant worry and so counter measures are of great importance. Many foreign residents have little experience or knowledge about disasters and there is a lack on information available in foreign languages which means that foreign residents are thought to be particularly vulnerable.

In order to support foreign residents during natural disaster, MIEF is accepting people who will give interpretation and translation support on disaster and act as coordinator!


(1) Registered as MIEF Translation/Interpretation Partners, can speak both foreign language and japanese

(2) During disaster, one who act as Coordinator of multilingual support center for foreign residents

Main Activities

Interpreter Give support information through verbal communication inside Mie Prefecture or outside the prefecture with the collaboration from different foundation.
Translator Give translation support of the information given by Mie Prefecture or from outside prefecture given from different foundation.
Sub-support translator Translation support done in resident house
Coordinator Give coordination for multilingual support center,etc.


In one year, one is required to attend at least one time on the training program provided by the foundation or other related groups. Details are uploaded on separate information.

Disaster Partner Recruitment Detail PDF:169KB
Disaster Partner Application Word:63KB