Disaster Prevention Information

The Tokai and Tonankai-Nankai earthquakes are expected to occur in the near future and cause extensive damage across the prefecture. In the past, there have been cases of non-Japanese residents lacking access to vital information and becoming isolated from their communities during the aftermath of natural disasters. Are you familiar with the emergency response procedures in your area? Are you and your family prepared for an earthquake or typhoon? Below is a listing of upcoming seminars and resources that will help you protect yourself and your family after an earthquake or typhoon strikes. Please take advantage of these opportunities so you can protect yourself, your loved ones and your community in the aftermath of a natural disaster.


Disaster Prevention Information for Non-Japanese Residents

Multilingual versions of the earthquake disaster prevention handbook

The handbook includes useful information on how to prepare for an earthquake, what to do and how to deal with it.
Available in Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and English
(By the Department of Crisis Management and Disaster Prevention)

Multilingual versions of Mie Prefecture Disaster Prevention Information

Includes harzard map of Mie, emergency guidelines and emergency contacts.
Available in Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and English
(By the Department of Crisis Management and Disaster Prevention)

Lessons and experiments with the person in charge of Mie Prefecture Disaster Prevention (Japanese)

In Mie, following a request from the community, lessons regarding disaster prevention have been taking place. The lessons include topics such as the mechanism behind earthquakes and tsunami and the actions to take in case such disasters occur. The lessons are conducted through the use of presentations and videos in order to ensure easy understanding. In addition, experiments with regards to the effect of anti-seismic reinforcement in building structures, furniture fall-prevention, and the liquefaction phenomenal assumption etc. are performed. (Please organize for an interpreter if at all you need interpretation)

For Children:
Information on Crisis Management Group,
The General Affairs Office,
Mie Prefecture Board of Education
Tel:059−224−3301 Fax:059−224−2319
For Adults:
The Anti-earthquake Measures Office,
Mie Prefecture Crisis Management and Disaster Prevention department
Tel:059−224−2184 Fax:059−224−2199
E-mail: jishin@pref.mie.jp
A Multilingual Disaster Prevention Information Site for Mobile Phones http://josef.jp/

A multilingual (10 languages) site on preparations and response methods in case of an earthquake or typhoon has been posted for access by mobile phone users. It is also possible to access the site using a personal computer. The information is in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Tagalog, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, and easy to understand Japanese.
The site is operated by: Japan Operation System of Emergency Information for Foreigners (JOSEF)


Provision of information during disaster cases

In case a disaster occurs, please tune-in to your television/radio for up-to-date information

Provision of information during disaster cases within Mie Prefecture:

Disaster Prevention Mie.jp http://www.bosaimie.jp/mie_eng/
Japanese mail delivery services are also available.