Foreign Residents Advisory Desk

As of December 31, 2016, there were 41,625 foreigners from 106 different countries living in Mie. Everyday, MIEF receives counsulations from many of these people. In order to help as many people as possible, the Foreign Residents Advisory Program was established. With consignment from Mie Prefecture, MIEF holds consultation sessions all over Mie with the goal of helping foreign residents from troubles and problems. The consultation will be given by the specific specialist in different languages with the help of the interpreter.

1.Multilingual Consultations

Multilingual consultation is available in eight different languages. Correspondent languages and times are available as follows;

Languages Time
English, Portuguese, Spanish and Filipino Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00 (in Japanese)
Please provide your name and contact phone number in Japanese and we will arrange to have an individual who is fluent in your native language to help you.

Telephone: 059-223-5006


2.Seminars aimed to foreigner's attention staff


3nd Workshop

Date / Time November 30, 2016 (Wednesday) from 1:00 to 3:00 pm

Mie Ken Tsu Shi Hadokoro-cho 700 UST Bldg. 3F (Meeting Room A・B)


Foreign resident's consultation on status of residence



 ・Staying over the limited period (illegal stay, overstaying)

 ・Residence according to a special permission guidelines

 ・Residence for special permission・support of administrative scrivener in provisional release permit application.

(2)Question and answer

(3)Case work

Participation Limit/Deadline 30 persons (November 24 Thurs.)
How to apply Fill-in the application form from the leaflet and fax it to the number indicated
Leaflets PDF (231KB)
For information and inquiries

Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF)

〒514-0009 Tsu shi Hadorokocho 700, UST Bldg.,3Flr.

TEL: 059-223-5006 / FAX: 059-223-5007 / Email:


■Seminar Report Year 2016

  Date Place Theme
1st July 27, 2016 Mie Citizen Exchange 3F

What are the consultation overview and recent trends of the foreign residents? ~Among with the person in charge, let us think how to correpond smoothly on consultation~

Report (PDF:460KB)

2nd September 27, 2016 UST Tsu 4F

Response to DV and child abuse related to foreign resident~Let us try to draw a line of support~

Report (PDF:310KB)

3rd November 30, 2016 UST Tsu 3F

Foreign resident's consultation on status of residence

Report (PDF:406KB)

■Seminar Report Year 2015

  Date Place Theme
1st May 28, 2015 Mie Citizen Exchange 3F

As a counselling staff, what is mental attitude. Think and start again to improve counselling.

Report (PDF:460KB)

2nd July 29, 2015 UST Bldg.4F Meeting Rm.2

Marriage and divorce between Japanese and Filipino/Brazilian

Report (PDF:406KB)

3rd Sept.16, 2015 UST Bldg.4F Meeting Rm.2

As a foreigner's consultation staff, what is your role to prevent suicide

Report (PDF:509KB)

4th Nov.24, 2015 UST Bldg.3F Meeting Rm. A/B

Child Problem and Developmental Disorder

Report (PDF:396KB)


Free Exclusive Consultations (Lawyer)

To all foreign residents who are in needs of legal assistance, this is now your chance to consult your problems to the experts. We provide interpreter upon request and availability. Privacy is highly observed.

Yearly Schedule

Year 2016 (every 2nd Sunday of the month) 1pm~3:30pm

1st May 8 (deadline for reservation: May 2)

2nd July 10 (deadline: July 6)

3rd September 11 (deadline: Sept. 7)

4th November 13 (deadline: Nov.9)

Year 2017 (every 2nd Sunday of the month) 1pm~3:30pm

5th January 8 (deadline: Jan.4)

6th March 12 (deadline: March 8)

VENUE UST-TSU Bldg. 3rd Flr.
  1. (Tsu-Shi Hadokoro Cho 700)


(3 slots) 45 min/consultation
Reservation thru telephone: 059-223-5006/Monday~Friday/9:00~17:00

Japanese/ Portugese/ Spanish/ English/ Filipino/ Bahasa Indonesia/ Vietnamese/ Chinese/ Thailand




〒514-0009 UST-TSU Bldg. 3/F Tsu City Hadokoro 700

Tel: 059-223-5006 Fax: 059-223-5007 


Third Party Telephone Services

Mie Ken implementation of labor consultaion through telephone, MIEF is now available for a third party telephone services with an interpreter of Portugese and Spanish regarding labor consultation.

Mie Ken Labor Consulation Center

TEL 0120-311018
(Free Dial : Can contact through celphone inside Mie Ken)

Language Available Portugese and Spanish

Consulation Hours

Monday~Friday 9:00~16:30