Foreign Residents Advisory Desk

MIEF is giving multilingual consultation from foreign residents.

1.Multilingual Consultations

Multilingual consultation is available in four different languages. Correspondent languages and times are available as follows;

Languages Time
English, Portuguese, Spanish and Filipino Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00

Telephone: 059-223-5006


2.Seminars aimed to foreigner's attention staff


■Seminar Report Year 2016

  Date Place Theme
1st July 27, 2016 Mie Citizen Exchange 3F

What are the consultation overview and recent trends of the foreign residents? ~Among with the person in charge, let us think how to correpond smoothly on consultation~

Report (PDF:460KB)

2nd September 27, 2016 UST Tsu 4F

Response to DV and child abuse related to foreign resident~Let us try to draw a line of support~

Report (PDF:310KB)

3rd November 30, 2016 UST Tsu 3F

Foreign resident's consultation on status of residence

Report (PDF:406KB)

3.Third Party Telephone Services

Mie Ken implementation of labor consultaion through telephone, MIEF is now available for a third party telephone services with an interpreter of Portugese and Spanish regarding labor consultation.

Mie Ken Labor Consulation Center

TEL 0120-311018
(Free Dial : Can contact through celphone inside Mie Ken)

Language Available Portugese and Spanish

Consulation Hours

Monday~Friday 9:00~16:30