Guide book on Proceeding to High School

The Japanese schooling system differs in many ways to that of foreign countries. Books on Information necessary for one to proceed to high school have been produced. The books are entitled, “The Japanese Education System”, and “Japanese High Schools”. Do note that slight changes may be made at the end of every financial year.

For details, please contact the school that you are enrolled at or the Career Guidance/Entrance Exam group, High School Education Office, Mie Prefectural Board of Education. The Mie Prefectural Board of Education homepage also has a student enrollment selection guide posted for reference purposes.

This guidebook is available in 9 languages


Downloadable Versions of the Guidebook
(Updated Year 2016, August)

Idiom PDF documents
Japanese with Kana (rubi) (PDF:1000KB/18 pages)
English (PDF:685KB/18 pages)
Filipino (PDF:585KB/18 pages)
Portuguese (PDF:610KB/19 pages)
Spanish (PDF:736KB/19 pages)
Chinese (PDF:541KB/18 pages)
Indonesia (PDF:558KB/19 pages)
Korean (PDF:797KB/19 pages)
Thai (PDF:496KB/19 pages)