Supporting Members & Financial Contributions

Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF) promotes various programs to help people living in the same community to understand different cultures and living habits and to create a society in which people respect each other. We are currently accepting applications from people who want to be members.

We are looking forward for your warm support and cooperation.

What is a supporting member?

Supporting members are people who support the Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF) with an annual fee.
The annual fees will be used in various programs to promote internationalization, international exchange and cooperation in Mie Prefecture.

Because MIEF is a non-profit corporation, the membership fee is considered tax deductible. Example, if you pay 3,000 yen as a membership fee, (3,000-2,000)×40% = 400 yen will be deducted.

Certification regarding tax deduction (PDF113KB)

Types of Membership / Annual Membership Fees

Entrance Fee: Free
Annual Membership Fee: Individual:\3,000 / Group: \ 12,000 / Partners: \1,000
※Partners are people who help out with MIEF's activities
※Multiple entries are possible
※Fees are collected every July.

Benefits of being a supporting member

1. Your name will be introduced in the journal of MIEF (MIEF News). (Group organization will be introduced in MIEF homepage)

2. Subscription of “MIEF NEWS” three times a year, which provides information on activities and events.

3. 10% discount on MIEF's teaching guideline series "Mieko san no Nihongo"

4. Free rental of international flags (application form)

5. Special 50% discount to use translation/interpretation partner system. (Group organization only))

  *Translation/interpretation fee will be charged separately for each service.

  *Translation/interpretation service cannot be provided for private interests or commercial purposes.


How to Apply

You can pay the membership fee either of the following:

1.Japan Post Bank Branch Name: 089 Savings Account No: 0018074

  Account Name: Zaidan Houjin Mie Ken Kokusai Kouryuu Zaidan Sanjo Kaihi Guchi


2.Hyakugo Bank Branch Name: Tsu Eki Mae Savings Account No: 292889

  Account Name: Koueki Zaidan Houjin Mie Ken Kokusai Kouryuu Zaidan Sanjo Kaihi Guchi


  Tel: 059-223-5006 / Fax: 059-223-5007 / E-mail:

3. You can also pay directly to MIEF office. Please write your name and address on the slip.

Contact Numbers:

   ○ ○ TEL:059-223-5006  FAX:059-223-5007

We are open for donations

Donations serve as a contributions to the foundation. Those who are willing to endorse their contributions, please contact our office.