An Overview of MIEF

Purpose of MIEF

The Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF) was established in May 1991 in collaboration with the prefectural and other regional governments as well as various economic circles to serve as a central organization for the internationalization of Mie Prefecture.

MIEF is actively engaged in the promotion of international exchange through the implementation of various international exchange programs in close liaison with regional governments and other civil exchange organizations.


May 15, 1991

Atsumasa Uchida, Chairperson

From exchange to coexistence

As borderless activities are progressing in the world now, we believe it is indispensable for people who are living in the same region to understand different cultures, history and living habits, and to understand mutual personalities in order to live together in the same local society.
Therefore, we at MIEF need to strengthen our function as a supportive center for foreign people living in Mie, coordination with NGOs, NPOs and volunteers, and collection and supply of information to further enhance various programs for globalization from exchange to collaboration and coexistence. We also plan to utilize our human network, and information and know how that we have accumulated to promote linkage and co-work with related organizations.
We plan to make "Promotion of coexisting society of multi-cultures," "Promotion of globalization at the local level" and "Expansion of global collaboration" 3 pillars in the "establishment of a society that values multi-cultures" to implement various programs so that global exchange and cooperative activities at the grass roots level may be further activated.