Interpretation/Translation System

Many foreigners live in Japan. In Mie alone, there are over 41,625 registered foreigners (as of December 2015). In order to meet our goal of creating a society in which everyone can live in with ease, we have implemented an interpretation/translation system. Please take advantage of this opportunity with your language skills and help internationalize the local area.

"I want the translation on the information in our community to inform foreign residents".

"We need interpreters for tourist who visits Japan as well as for the brieifing session".

"We want to introduce the culture of other country! We are needing a lecturer on international understanding".

In this situation, MIEF are introducing interpretation/translation system! For more information and payment, please contact MIEF (059-223-5006).

MIEF are continuosly accepting interpreter/translator partners!

How to register as interpreter/translator partner

Fill-up all needed information on the application form and forward it to MIEF. We will inform you the schedule of the interview. During the interview, we will grade your capacity in Japanese language.

Registered language Portugese, Spanish, English, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Russia (we also register other language)
Language Abilty

Recent request are as follows;

Interpretation: ability to make interpretation on various consultation and briefing session.

Translation: ability to translate policy and regulation related materials, information and others.

※ For those who want to register as english partner, one should meet or exceed the requirements of English Proficiency Test Level 1 or TOEIC score of 820. And should be approved by the MIEF staff. There is no particular requirement for other language.

Information on how to apply for interpreter/translator partner (PDF: 177KB)
Application for interpreter/translator partner (Word:25KB)

Results on the activities for the Year 2015

◆Interpretation: Parents and teachers meeting, seminar on disaster prevention, various consultation and briefing, reception, tourism summit, and others. 154 request (154 person)

◆Translation: Documents on notification, brochure, training and guidance material, prevention on natural calamities, leaflets and flyers for the event, support for foreign residents, health questionnaire. 90 request (158 person)

Fee for interpretation/translation

To maintain the management system for interpretation and translation, the following amount are required;


With regards to the standard principle 1 hour / \1,000

Additional payment for transportation and food(\500) if required

※Food: only for the request takes all day or starts late in the afternoon


With regards to the standard principle \1,000 per page (400 characters)

*Additional payment may be added if the the translation needs evaluation and check.

Lecturer for International Understanding

Standard principle amount 1 hour / \2,000

Additional payment for transportation and food(\500) if required

※Food: only for the request takes all day or starts late in the afternoon

Fee for Interpretation/Translation System Usage

Request for interpretation and lecturer: 1 language / person \3,000 (\1,500) per day

Request for translation: for every 1 language/person \3,000(\1,500)

(Note #1) the amount written in ( ) system usage is for MIEF's supporting member only (private/group)

(Note #2) The payment for interpretation/translation will be given on the 15th of next month after the schedule.

(Note #3) Period from the date your request implementation is 5 working days (*) at least (excluding request and implementation dates) and if the request is “urgent” we will charge 20% plus to the total cost. * Business days: Monday to Friday

(Note #4) For cancellation of lecturer to international understanding and interpretation of less than 5 business days from the cancellation date (excluding cancellations and implementation dates) you be charge to pay half of the "system usage fee" for cancellation. For translation and intepretation cancellation on the date of implementation, you be charge to pay the whole amount (including the system usage fee and the translation and interpretation fee).

(Note #5) Special computation (payment) will be done for those request with advanced professional interpretation/translation or depending on the content of the request.

(Note #6) MIEF will do the billing for the interpretation, translation and lecturer. Payment for the interpretation, translation, lecturer and usage of the system will be paid at MIEF in one time basis. MIEF will be the one to give the payment for the partners.

(Note #7) Please send data using Word or Excel file as a general rule for transalation request.


About application procedure

Write all the neccesary information on the application form for the request on interpretation or translation. Please be advised to pass the application 21 days or 3 weeks before the schedule date of the request.

Before handling the request for translation

Please check the following guidelines before passing the translation request;

◆Manuscript (lay-out) of translation

To be able to revise the translation, please make sure that the data file is on Excel/Word file (if the file is on PDF, please change the file to Excel/Word)

◆Translation with picture or graph

For those translation with picture or graphs, we can translate the word written on it. Otherwise, we can also prepare new picture or graph as per request but an additional fee (from \500) will be collected.

◆ For native check request

All translated documents will be carefully check again if there are mistakes on the documentation. For 1 sheet A4 paper for leaflet, native check is included. Both translation and native check is advised if the request is relevant to the following;

(1) If the translation needs to analyze carefully especially if it is a public document and if the meaning wriiten in Japanese jive with the foreign language.

(2) Native check is also advise if there is a major revision on the translation.

How to make request for interpretation/ translation

Fill-up the application form and send it to MIEF. Our office will contact you for the details and content of the application. The data file for the translation request will should be in Excel/Word file and as much as possible with 'rubi' (katakana/hiragana character) on top of it before handling it to MIEF.

Guideline for the Translation/Interpretation Partner System (PDF:235KB)

Application for Interpretation/Translation/Lecturer for International Understanding (WORD: 33KB)
Confirmation on the request for interpretation/Lecturer (WORD: 44KB)

For those who want to be a "supporting member"

A supporting member is one who are willing to give directly support to MIEF. Interpretation/translation partner system, a project of MIEF, is operated with the support from the donations and supporting members due. To give support for the foreign residents living in the area, also, "buliding a muliti-cultural community".

A supporting member has a privilege to pay only half of the fee on the usage of interpretation/translation system. A member will also receive a copy of the "MIEF NEWS".

For partners who want to be a member, a membership fee of only \1,000 is required. For more information, please visit our website (membership link) or call our office at 059-223-5006

Admission Fee: Free

Membership Fee (One Year): Private: \3,000 / Partner's membership: \1,000/ Group: \12,000