Supporters for Learning Japanese (Japanese Partner)

※ As the system is being revised, the acceptance of introduction to request from individuals which started March 31, 1930 will be suspended on April 1, 2017. However, we will introduce when the request is from prefectural educational institutions. Please contact us for further details.

In order to meet the different needs of foreign residents learning Japanese, MIEF (Mie International Exchange Foundation) offers an introductory service “Supporters for Learning Japanese (Japanese Language Partner)”.

Who we are looking for!
Children of foreign nationals studying in support classes who needs volunteers' support.
Children of foreign nationals who needs volunteers' support for teaching Japanese in schools.
Those wishing to learn Japanese (as an individual or groups) and take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test by the Volunteer teachers.

Available to Community Japanese language schools, study support classes for children of foreign nationals, schools, international exchange organizations in municipalities, and other organizations and entities whose purpose is to support foreign residents learning Japanese.
Individual support is limited to those students learning in public facilities only.

The expenses below are to be paid by the party requesting volunteer services:

○ Learning tools and consumables needed for Japanese lessons.
(You may prepare all tools and consumables instead of paying actual expenses)

○ Accident Insurance enrollment
(Please enroll in this insurance in the case of the unexpected happening)

○ Transportation expenses
(The party requesting volunteer services should reimburse the transportation expenses to the referred volunteer directly)

Who are Supporters of Japanese Language Education (Japanese Partner)?

※ With the revision of the system, we will suspend the registration of new Japanese partners which started March 31, 1930 ended on April 1, 2017.

A volunteer is a student taken a Japanese Volunteer Training conducted by Mie Prefecture, or who has experience in teaching Japanese Support Language and is registered to MIEF as a “Supporter for Learning Japanese.” The volunteer guides the person learning Japanese. For more information. please call MIEF.