Study Support/Language Classes


Class Name Sasagawa child classroom

UR Chūō Dai Ichi Shūkaisho

(Yokkaichi-shi Sasagawa 6-chome, 29-1)


Mondays 15:00~20:00 / Wednesdays 14:00~17:00 / Fridays 15:30~20:00 (Schedule of classes will vary depending on the end time of the school.)

Saturdays 9:00 ~ 12:00

Fee Free (\800/student for insurance)
Eligibility elementary and junior high school students living in Sasagawa district (nationality doesnt matter)

Yokkaichi Multicultural Salon (Yokkaichi-shi Sasagawa 6-chome, 29-1)

TEL: 059-322-6811  E-mail:

Class Name Yokkaichi multicultural Salon Japanese classroom "Japanese and life culture support classroom"
Location Yokkaichi Multicultural Salon (Yokkaichi-shi Sasagawa 6-chome, 29-1)
Day/Time Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 15: 00 ~ 16: 30
Fee Free (\800/student for insurance)
Eligibility elementary and junior high school foreign students residing in Yokkaichi-shi

Yokkaichi Multicultural Salon (Yokkaichi-shi Sasagawa 6-chome, 29-1)

Tel&Fax: 059-322-6811  E-mail:



Class Name World Kids
Location Makita Community Center (Suzuka Hiratahigashi Machi 5-10)
Day/Time Saturdays 10:30~12:00
Fee ¥200/month
Eligibility Elementary and HS Students from Abroad
Contact Nakabayashi Tel: 090-3991-0129 (volunteer)



Class Name Joia
Location Tsu Center Palace B1F Meeting Rm.(〒514-0027 Tsu Shi Daimon 7-15)
Day/Time Saturdays 15:00-17:00
Fee Free
Eligibility Elementary Junior and Senior High School Students from Overseas

Mie University Faculty of Human Studies, Tanigaki Laboratory 


Class Name GanbaruKai Takachaya Kids Japanese Learning Club
Location Tsu Takachaya Citizen's Center
Day/Time Saturdays 18:30~20:00 (No lessons in August)
Eligibility Elementary and Junior High School Students from Abroad
Contact Tonooka Tel: 090-2924-4557



Class Name One step further classroom (Ippo kyōshitsu)
Day/Time Monday to Friday 8:35 ~ 11:00
Location Matsusaka Child Support Research Center 2F(Matsusaka-shi Kawai-cho, 690-1)
Eligibility Elementary school, junior high school students
Fee Free
Contact TEL:0598-53-4360




Class Name NPO Japanese Assistance "Terakoya Juku"
Location Keizoin (Ise-shi Obata-cho Motomachi 1211)
Day/Time Afternoon Class: Decided after consultation with students
Fee Free to children and students

・Students who are enrolled in primary or secondary school and attend to Terakoya Juku everyday

・Children or students who can not speak basic conversational Japanese.
・Children or students who can not read and write basic level of kanji, hiragana and katakana

Contact Tel: 0596-22-3726 (Keizoin, Ask for Maejima)



Class Name Study Support Classroom - Sasayuri Classroom
Location Iga-shi Fureai Plaza 3F Listening Room (Iga-shi Uenonakamachi 2976-1)
Day/Time Saturdays 14:00~16:00
Fee ¥200/lesson
Eligibility Grade 3~3rd year Junior HS students from abroad
Contact Iga International Exchange Association: Tel: 0595-22-9629