Greetings from the Chairman

      Mie International Exchange Foundation

                            Chairman Ito Masaaki 

 Mie International Exchange Foundation, started in 1991 to play a central role to promote our regional internationalization. Since April 2012, we have been engaged in projects to encourage multicultural coexistence and international exchange and to enhance international collaboration.

 Population of foreign residents in Mie prefecture is expected to continue growing. According to a survey conducted by the prefecture, as of December 2020, the foreign population marked an all-time high of 54,854, which is 3.05% of the total population in Mie. In addition, Immigration Services Agency issued the 2020 Statistics of Foreign National Residents. Based on the statistics, as of 2019, Mie prefecture was ranked as the third as well as Gunma prefecture with the same percentage of 31.8%. Many foreign residents are the workforce that supports our local economy as we experience aging with low birth rate.

 On the other hand, there are many of these foreign residents who face various problems due to differences in customs and languages and so on. It is longed to be able to achieve the society that respects each individual and accept diversity along with access to medical services, welfare, education, employment, and human connection in local areas.

 Our foundation has been working on creating our region that anyone can live thrivingly regardless of nationality or language. It aims at realizing “a multi-cultural society that can respect and develop diversity with diverse population”.

 Our new value will take time to be established, however, with our many years of experience we are hoping to continue our efforts together as a region and reinforce our cooperation and collaboration with Mie Prefecture government and other various sectors. We more than ever look forward to and would appreciate your support and cooperation.