List of Local International Exchange Societies

Name of Association Iga International Friendship Association

〒518-0861 Iga-shi Ueno Higashimachi 2955

inside Iga-shi Tabunka Kyousei Center

Telephone 0595-22-9629
Fax 0595-22-9631
Secretariat personnel Noyori San, Fujimori San

302 persons

member group:28 organization (from April 1, 2015 to present)

Membership fee \1000/person \10000/group yearly
How to join Submit an application to the organization

Profile of association and activities.

○Multicultural Business

*International fiesta

*Multilingual information (newsletter) activities

*classroom for learning (Sasayuri)

*seminar on multi-cultural understanding

*world informative knowledge seminar

○International Exchange Business

*Guandong . Henan Kaifen friendly exchange

*homestay/homevisit activities

*parent-child English circle (American Pie)

*exchange activities on foreign food and culture

○Public Activities


*homepage management

*making PR on events or activities

○China-Japan Forest Management

○Learning Support Classroom (Sasayuri)

*for foreign students from grade 3 to 3rd year junior high school and those who wants to continue senior high school

○Activities for children with foreign roots


Name of Association Ise International Exchange Association

〒516-8501 Ise-shi Misono-cho Nagaya 1221 Misono-cho Sougou Shisho 2F Kankyou Seikatsu Bu Shimin Kouryu Ka

Telephone 0596-21-5549
Fax 0596-21-5642
Secretariat personnel Ise City Hall Citizen's Exchange Division
Members more or less 120 members

Membership fee

\2000/person, \10000/group


How to join submit the application
Organization Profile and activities

Contents of Activities

*International understanding course
*Japanese classroom "Ise Japanese Class" 
*cooking party of international food
*foreign language classes 
*different activities
*newspaper "Firosu" 
*issuing phumplet

* Classroom name: Ise Japanese classroom 
*Place: Ise Citizen Activity Center Ise-shi Iwabuchi 1-2-29

a 5-minute walk, the building next to three of Ise City Hall from Ise-shi Station 
*day and time: every tuesday 10:00-11:30

wednesday 19:00-20:30
*fee: \500/ticket (can use 5 times)
*class format: individual, group

*contact: 0596-21-5549


Name of Association Inabe City International Exchange Association
Place 〒511-0273 Inabe-shi Daian-cho Hiratsuka 525
Telephone 0594-78-4848
Fax 0594-78-4848
Secretariat personnel Kobayashi Kaoru
Members 100 person
Membership Fee annual contribution \2000/person, \10000/group

How to join

submit the application including the contribution

Organization profile and activities


Accepting and sending junior high school students in Australia, Tasmania, also in Henan Puyang, China.

Classroom name: class for English, Chinese and Korean language
Place: Inabe Daian-cho, Hiratsuka 525

5 min walk from Sangi Tetsudo Line Misato station

Date and time: Monday 19:00-21:10, Saturday 9:00-11:00 Sunday 9:00-12:00
Fee: semi-annual child-\18000 JHS and above- \27000
Class format: group lesson
Contact: 0594-78-4848


Classroom name: Inabe Japanese Square 
Place: 2nd floor Hokusei welfare center (Inabe Shi Hokusei town Ageki 2624-2) 
15 mins. walk from Sangi Tetsudo Hokkusei Line Ageki station
Day and time: Saturday 19:30-21:00
Fee: \100 per session
Contact: 0594-78-4848


Name of association Owase International Exchange Association

〒519-3696 Owase-shi Chuo-cho 10-43

City Mayor's Office, Owase City Hall

Telephone 0597-23-8134
Fax 0597-22-2111
Secretariat personnel Onishi Miku
Members 50 person (2 registered group included)
Membership fee \1000 yearly
How to join submit the application form together with the fee
Organization profile and activities

*dealing with other association

*creating activities for local , tourist and foriegn residents

*International cooking classes 
*and other programs


Name of association Kihoku International Exchange Association
Place 〒519-3204 Kitamuro-gun Kihoku-cho Kiinagashima-ku Higashinagashima 769-1 (inside town office)
Telephone 0597-46-3113
Fax 0597-47-5908
Secretariat personnel Kihoku Town Planning section
Members 23 members

Membership fee

annual contribution \2000/person, \1000/high school~lower grade

Profile and Activities of Association

*friendly activities for foreign tourist
*Exchange program for foreign residents
*International activities for good relationship

*Activities on promotion of Japanese Culture


Name of Association Shima International Exchange Association

〒517-0501 Shima-shi Ago-cho Ugata 2975-14

Shima International Association Secretariat

Telephone 0599-43-4101
Fax 0599-43-4101
Secretariat personnel Tanaka, Higashihara
Members 163 members

Membership fee

regular members \2000/person・supporting members \10000
How to join

File the application together with the contribution to secretariat

also can use bank for sending contribution

Profile of Association and activities


*cooking lesson

*International Festival

*Film festival

*accepting homestay

*and other public activities


Name of Association Suzuka International Friendship Association (SIFA)

〒513-0801 Suzuka-shi Kambe 1-18-18

Suzuka Civic Center 1F

Telephone 059-383-0724
Fax 059-383-0639

Secretariat personnel Secretary-General Nakamichi Tadashi

Individual 109/person ,organization, company 38

(as of 2014)

Membership fee Annual contribution \10000/group/org, \2000/person
How to join

Membership effectiveness is from April 1~March 31 of next year. We will send E-mail directly to the member and can participate with the event with the same fee as a member.

Profile of Association and activities


Conducting project regarding international interaction and understanding , exchanging staff in other city in other countries, international cooking courses and seminar about expansion of international knowledge.

2. Multi-Cultural project

Multicultural awareness events, giving information in website in different language, printing of "SIFA news", Japanese language courses, newsletter for foreign residents in Suzuka and Enterpreneur Support seminar.

3. Community and other activities regarding development

Volunteer training course in Japanese, volunteer support training course, supporting international activities and dealing with different organization.


Name of Association Taki International Exchange Association

〒519-2181 Taki-gun Taki-cho Ouka 1587-1

Taki Board of Education, Taki-cho International Association Secretariat

Telephone 0598-38-1122
Fax 0598-38-1130
Secretariat personnel Taki-cho Board of Education, Education Division
Members 47 members (as of March 31, 2015)
Membership fee Annual contribution \1000
How to join submit the application to the secretariat.
Profile and activities of association

Dynamic organization and provides feeling at home to each other. Non-resident are welcome to join the activities. Giving lectures regarding japanese language lesson to foreigners once a week as the primary activity. Also conducting Christmas party and accepting foreign delegations.

(Classroom for Japanese language)

classroom: Taki Chomin Bunka Kaikan

Place: 〒519-2181 Taki-gun Taki-cho Ouka 1587-1

10 min walk from JR Ouka station

Day and time: Tuesday 19:30~21:00 (can be change, contact the secretariat)

tuition: free

Method of teaching: group lesson

Contact: Taki Board of Education, Education Division

Telephone: 0598-38-1122


Name of Association Tamaki International Exchange Association
Place 〒519-0415 Watarai-gun Tamaki-cho Tamaru 114-1
Telephone 0596-58-8212
Fax 0596-58-7755
Secretariat personnel Fujikawa Ken
Members 40 members
Membership fee \1000/person, \5000/group
How to join Contact the secretariat anytime
Frofile and Activities of Association

Conducting meetings to strengthen the the ties inside the association.There are also classes in English to expose children in foreign languages​​. (for children).


Name of Association Tsu International Exchange Association

〒514-8611 Tsu-shi Marunouchi 23-1

Tsu City Office Citizen's Exchange Division

Telephone 059-229-3102
Fax 059-227-8070
Secretariat personnel Yamaguchi, Suzuki
Membership Fee

Annual fee \1000/person, \3000/family,

\10000/organization or corporation

How to join Bring or Send the application with the corresponding membership fee.
Profile and Activities of Association

Friendly exchange program with the sister city, Osazco City, Brazil and Zhenjiang, China sending youth in other countries, language class, japanese class for foreign students and events residents and others.

*Japanese class

Name of classroom: Japanese Course

Place: Tsu-shi Tsu Chuo Community Center

(Tsu Center Palace 2F) Tsu-shi Daimon 7-15

Access: Mie-kotsu bus (front of Mie-Kaikan) or 15 min walk from Tsu-shin machi station

Day: every Sunday 18:00~19:30

Tuition: Free

Class format: individual

Contact: same as above


English- beginner level

Day and time: every Tuesday 19:00~20:30 (12 times) (1st sem) May~September (2nd sem) November~March

Portugese- beginner level

Day and time: every Wednesday 19:00~20:30 (12 time) (1st sem) May~September (2nd sem) November~March

Chinese- beginner level

Day and time: every Thursday19:00~20:30 (12 times) (1st sem) May~September (2nd sem) November~March


*Place: 2F Tsu Region Plaza ( Tsu-shi West Marunouchi 23-1)

*Access: Mie-kotsu bus (infront of Mie-Kaikan) or 10 min walk from Kintetsu Tsu-shinmachi station, beside Tsu-shi city hall

can use the city hall parking lot.

*Fee: \9000/half semester, textbook depends on usage

(also collect the amount \ 2000 as annual fee for members)

*Class format: group lessons


Name of Association Toba City International Cultural Exchange Association

〒517-0011 Toba-shi Toba 3-1-1

Toba City Hall, General Affair Division Secretariat

Telephone 0599-25-1105
Fax 0599-25-1233
Fee or Contribution \2000/person \10000/group or organization
How to join  Apply during the event
Profile and Activities of Association

*Sending high school students overseas, invitation(Santa Barbara City)

*International Exchange

*Japanese class for foreigners

*Provides material information related to international exchange.

◇Japanese Class

Name of Classroom: Japanese Workshop

Place: Toba Shimin Bunka Kaikan (Toba-shi Toba 3-8-3)

Day and time: Monday 14:00~15:30, 19:00~20:31



Name of Association Yokaichi International Center

〒510-8601 Yokkaichi-shi Suwa-cho 1-5

5F Yokkaichi City Hall North Building

Telephone 059-353-9955, 090-6572-9440 (softbank)
Fax 059-355-5931
Members 203 people, 7 groups (as of 2014 to present)
Membership fee Contribution \3000/person, \10000/group or organization
How to join Submit the application anytime.
Profile and Activities of Association

As a affliated partner organization of Yokkaichi-shi the participation in events from different cities are welcome.

  • ◆Japanese classes for foreigners
  • *group lesson: introduction level, beginner & mid-level
  • *private lesson: about 100 pairs (as of October 2010)

*Japanese class with the child.

  • Day and time: every Thursday 10:00~11:30, 13:00~14:30
  • Participants: Having small child but wants to learn japanese

Age of children: 6 months-pre-school kids

  • ◆Free administrative consultation, life/living consultation
  • ◆Free lawyer consultation for foreigner by "Hou Terasu"
  • ◆Life counselling

  • ◆Translation and Interpretation in different languages
  • ◆Foreign language courses: English, Spanish, Portugese, Chinese at Korean

  • ◆cooking classes, Japanese culture, exhibit and international understanding courses activity
  • ◆Promoting international friendship & goodwill, accepting and sending students to overseas sister cities.
  • ◆Promotion of volunteer activities: workshops, exchange meetings, and others
  • ◆Collaboration and cooperation with public institutions and other organizations.