DISASTER PREVENTION PROGRAM ( Programmed by Ise City Office )

In response to the commission from Ise-shi, practical and shelter management training will be held for the purpose of foreign correspondence force improvement within evacuation shelters. The briefing in multiple languages is for improvement of disaster prevention and for better transmission of information for foreign residents.

In addition, we want to take advantage on Ise-shi version of "Tsutawaru Kit" during management training on evacuation shelter for improvement and verification.

Content of the Project:

1. Setting meetings for project planning

Foreign supporters including foreign organization with the cooperation of foreign employment companies, held a meeting for planning to consider the project by taking advantage of the needs of the region.

2. Implementation of Disaster Prevention seminar for foreign residents

Learning disaster prevention and things to do when time comes. Experience and learn fire figthing, evacuation and how to rescue.

3. Implementation of seminar regarding shelter management

Learning thru experiencing how to handle foreign resident during disaster, its concern and neccessary things to prepare. And the intended use as well as the method of using the " Transmission Information Kit"

4. Enhancement of the "Transmission Information Kit"

Producing 17 sets of "Transmission Information Kit" and distribute to evacuation shelters.

■Lecture on evacuation shelter for foreign residents -finished-

Date/Time January 22, 2017 (Sunday) 1:30~4:00PM

Ise Disaster Prevention Center (Ise Shi Kusube-cho 159-1 Tel: 0596-25-5719)


Briefing on basic information on disaster prevention and learning thru experiencing fire figthing and evacuation

Target participants

Foreigners in Ise (residing, working and going to school inside Ise)

Participation Fee Free
How to join Fill-in the application or mail us your name, address, and tel.no.For those who need the service of the interpreter or child care, please fill-in the important information for application.
For information

Mie International Exchange Foundation (MIEF)

UST-Tsu Bldg.,3rd Flr., Hadokoro-Cho 700, Tsu-shi

Tel:059-223-5006 / Fax:059-223-5007 / E-mail: mief@mief.or.jp

■Management training for the foreign resident support on evacuation shelters (under preparation)

Date/Time indefinite

The actual scenario corresponding to the foreigners from the operation and construction of the evacuation shelters and learn hands-on

Target Participant

Ise City Staff

Participation Fee Free
For information

Mie Ken International Exchange Foundation

(UST Tsu 3F Hadorokocho 700)

TEL: 059-223-5006 FAX:059-223-5007 E-MAIL: mief@mief.or.jp

■Setting meetings for project planning

1st Meeting November 25, 2016 (Friday) Explanation on entrusted consignment on the implementation of ”Seminar on disaster prevention for foreigner” and "Evacuation shelter management support on foreign resident".
2nd Meeting February 2017(date unavailable) indefinite